The Echo Connect Plus is a USB device that makes charging two devices at once a seamless experience. The device features two ports – one an Apple Lightning connector for iOS devices and the other a microUSB for charging any other supported device.

The third end plugs into your computer for charging without the annoying ‘slow charging’ message you commonly get when using a USB cable to charge from.

The lightweight device is available in four colours: white, blue, purple and black, but a personalisation perk means you can add your name or company name if you’re after a snazzy marketing gift for your business. It’s made from flexible plastic so it’s resistant to wear and tear, although you’ll have to be careful with the microUSB and Lightning connectors when carrying it around in your pocket.

The Echo Connect Plus is MFI-certified, meaning Apple has OK’d the device as good to use with your iOS device.

The company said on its funding page: “The Echo Connect Plus is every Apple lightning and micro-USB cable you could ever want condensed down to one small key-sized connector. Today we have many electronic devices, tablets, phones, cameras, power banks and a mix match of tangled cables to match. This is the only fully licensed and MFI certified charger on the market that is built for both lightning and micro-USB, and you can get yours now before for up to HALF the RRP!”

The Echo Connect Plus is available from Indiegogo for $15 (£0) if you’re willing to share the news on Facebook, otherwise it’ll cost $19 (£12.75). A personalised version will set you back $25 (£17), or you can get two for $29 (£20) if you’re Inspector Gadget.

At the time of writing, the Echo Connect Plus had raised $54,398 (£30,000), which far outstripped its target of $10,000 (£6,700). The handy chargers are ready to be shipped next month, so you’d better be quick to fund this one – the closing date is Saturday 28th March!