Deus Ex Aria is a small addition to a Pebble or Android Wear smart watch that allows you to control your gadget without even touching it.

The gesture-control device identifies how you move your wrist and carries out commands in response. the tech is embedded into a strap that can be attached to either the Pebble Time watch or any Android Wear-enabled device, including the Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Asus ZenWatch and LG Watch Urbane.

The strap identifies how the tendons in your wrist are moving, then an algorithm is used to convert these into commands that are sent to the smartphone (and then onto the watch if required) to fulfil the command.

When you first use the Deus Ex Aria, it will have to be calibrated to your body so it can recognise how you move your wrist. Then, you can decide which command triggers which action using the preinstalled options.

The company will also be opening up the API, inviting developers to create more gestures and commands in the future.

The company said: “Our focus is giving the best support and the best tools to the developer community. There are still thousands of applications and use-cases for Aria that we want to empower you, the developer, to discover and exploit them all.”

It communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is the same way most smart watches connect to phones, ensuring power consumption is the most efficient.

The Deus Ex Aria is available on Kickstarter from $59 (£37) for early bird Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel units or $109 (£68) for the Android Wear option. When they have all sold out, you can get your hands on the devices for $69 (£43) (Pebble option) or $129 (£81) (Android).

The company is hoping to raise $100,000, with less than a month to go.