Even though the Apple Watch is months away from being released, that hasn’t stopped Swiss watchmaker DWISS launching a campaign to produce customisations for the device.

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for a line of Apple watch accessories that can snap onto the smart watch to give a little bit of individuality.

The campaign started at the beginning of October and is asking for $30,000 (£18,601) to develop custom watch faces to display the watch’s home screen, covers to protect the face’s edges and straps to give the watch a distinctive look and feel.

The project doesn’t seem to be particularly successful so far, raising just shy of $2000 (£1240), although there’s still 35 days left before the funding cycle will end.

It could be said that DWISS is aiming too low, with its starter pack $1 (62p) and for that, DWISS will send you a watch face to be used on the watch.

For those who’d like a real piece of hardware to add to the Apple Watch, you’ll need to stump up $19 (£12) and that will give you one of the covers to place over your Apple Watch to protect it. They’re available in white, black, blue, yellow or red. The Cover Candy protectors are made ofT hermoplastic Polyurethane and slip onto the watch, just as a cover slides onto your smartphone for protection.

$49 (£30) will get you a strap and lug, which attaches to your watch. The lugs are made from stainless steel 316L, while the straps are available in a range of materials and styles including silicon, leather and silver.

You can buy all watch faces, straps and lugs for $399 (£250) if you’re the type of person who likes to change their style every day, but for those who’d just like one look, a strap will cost you between $49 (£30) and $79 (£50).