The Embrace wearable isn’t just another wrist-mounted device to look good and improve life for technophiles – it’s a genius piece of kit that will vastly improve the lives of those with epilepsy.

Although it looks pretty similar to many of the smart watches landing on the market, it’s designed to track activity, stress and overall balance, then will send out an alert to a carer or family member if it detects you’re about to have – or are having – an epileptic fit. The alerts can either be sent via a phonecall to caregivers or they can wear a companion Embrace that will also vibrate if something changes.

There’s no worry that the watch won’t fit – it features a unique magnet design that snaps to your wrist as soon as you put it on, so it’s secure, even if you’re partaking in an activity.

The companion app allows both you and family members to track a number of different parameters, including sleep patterns, physiological stress, arousal and physical activity. If you push yourself too much, you’ll be alerted with a subtle vibration, but this can be adjusted to fit in with your particular triggers.

When you buy an Embrace band for $189, you’ll get a smart watch too. And not only that, Embrace will donate one of its wearables to a child living with epilepsy that can’t afford one.

After reaching its funding target, Embrace has now added a number of stretch goals, including adding new colours, refunds if the company reaches $500,000 and you refer three people and if it meets $1m, the company will use the resources to develop a family wellness app, autism companion app and an additional colour.

So far, Embrace has raised $378,279 (£250,000) on Indiegogo – more than three times its $100,000 (£66,000) goal. You can pledge $189 (£125) to get an Embrace or more for multiples.