When customers don’t receive the products they’ve contributed to via crowdfunding, it’s the industry that gets a bad reputation, not necessarily the company itself.

There are multiple tales of disappointment from crowdfunders who have contributed to campaigns, only to find that after the project has reached its target and the product has gone into production, they still never receive the goods they paid for.

But this also has a negative effect for the companies developing the ideas and isn’t always their fault. For example, a manufacturing partner may have let the company down, the parts may be late arriving or other factors detrimentally affect shipping times.

Now a new crowdfunding platform has hit the block and this one promises to not only help companies raise the funds they need to make their idea a reality, but also provide support for production, marketing, ensuring crowdfunders get the goods they paid for. Essentially, Crowd Supply is helping crowdfunding get back on the map as a reliable investment.

Only 50 items are currently available on the site, including and open source laptop, clothing, a coffee maker, hot sauce and an open source computer stick. Crowd Supply helps develop the product ideas to increase the chances of them becoming viable commercial products. It provides the tools to sell the items and, of course, helps raise funds from the community to reach targets. It also makes sure they are shipped on time by liaising with the parties involved in production.

When the campaign is being funded, Crowd Supply will help companies find reliable production partners and when the products have been manufacture, they are all sent to the company’s fulfilment centre to be sent to backers, thus removing the ‘lost in the post’ scenario. Crowd Supply will even help sell the product way after the campaign has ended and the first happy customers have the product.