The Core wireless speaker made by Canadian company Mass Fidelity has raised almost $300,000 (£185,000) in less than a week on Indiegogo, against its target of $48,000 (£30,000).

The speaker, which boasts a sound ‘better than stereo’ is completely portable and uses Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi to stream sound, meaning you can use literally wherever you go.

The Core is smaller than a book and offers a 12-hour battery life and like more sophisticated Wi-Fi-only stereo systems such as Sonos, you can hook up as many speakers you like for true surround sound around your home.

Mass Fidelity said: “The Core produces a huge multi-dimensional sound image that’s like listening to a pair of separated high-end speakers, except it’s coming from a single device that’s small enough to hold in your hand.”

The speaker creates this sound using audio rendering technology that mimics the sweet spot audiophiles refer to. It is available around 360 degrees, so wherever you’re standing, the sound will be perfect.

Core can stream any type of music file, plus can play streamed files, working with services like Spotify and online radio stations.

Using the app, you can connect up to nine Core speakers around your home to play different music in each room or the same track for a whole club experience.

If you want to play other music – such as tunes from a record player or CD that you haven’t uploaded to your computer yet, the Core includes an optical digital connector and an analog input to hook it up to old-school music sources.

Although the option to get one Core has sold out after it went on Indiegogo on September 4, you can still sign up to the $99 (£60) option that reserves your device, $729 (£450) to get two Cores when they’re released or $999 (£615) to get three Cores.

The speaker is due to be released in March next year.