If you have an air-conditioning unit in your home or office, you’ll probably find it’s always impossible to keep the temperature right and satisfy everyone.

Ambi Climate is a tiny unit that connects to your air conditioning and automatically adjusts the temperature of your home or office. It can also be controlled with a smartphone app so you know what the temperature is at home before you even get there.

The unit uses an algorithm to decide what temperature it should be in your home, monitoring the temperature and environment both inside and outside, including sunlight, temperature, humidity to come up with a comfortable climate inside.

You can also adjust the settings to fit your routine, so if you like it to be super-cool while you’re asleep, you can crank up the air conditioning so you’re comfortable while sleeping. The Ambi Climate will learn from your preferences and routine so when it comes to getting into bed, you won’t need to change anything on the unit at all.

If you plan on going on holiday, you can set the Ambi Climate to Away Mode that will keep your home at a constant temperature that saves energy, but ensures humidity is kept at comfortable levels to prevent the build up of mould or other unsavoury conditions.

Ambi Climate’s CMO Martin Kessler told E27: “Ambi Climate is addressing something that a great many people of our planet use every day — air conditioners. But fundamentally how they work hasn’t really changed for decades.

“Many of us struggle to fiddle around with our AC’s remote just to find the right settings. In fact, most of us don’t even bother anymore to change our AC’s settings because of that. Nevertheless, throughout the day and year, climate conditions change and we end up overcooling our apartment a lot.”

All super early bird units went during the Kickstarter campaign, priced at $49 each, as did all the early bird units at $79. The company was also offering limited edition units for Christmas.

The Ambi Climate will retail for $149 when it arrives on the market in June 2015.