A 3D printed quadcopter campaign has launched on Kickstarter, offering both children and adults hours of flying fun.

The FPV racing quadcopter is produced from lightweight, biodegradable PLA plastic and all the parts are interchangeable, meaning if you want to replace a part (say, if your copter crash lands during an intense flying session) or mod your design, it’s cheap and simple to do.

The toy was inspired by open source designs, but to create something truly unique, the founders developed a unique build on Autodesk Inventor, with Flashforge Creator utilised to bring the parts to life on a 3D printer.

“We just wanted to build something FUN! Who doesn’t like racing? There’s a little bit of racing in all of us and FPV Quad Racing is all about being immersed in racing…Quadcopters are cool, 3D printing is cool, racing is cool, which makes the 3D printed FPV Quad Racer super cool,” the manufacturer says on its Kickstarter page.

In addition to being a fully-functioning flier, the FPV racing quadcopter also integrates a camera so you can record HD videos of its flying experience.

The company was set up by Wayne Ratcliffe, the 2014 New Zealand F3C Model Helicopter Aerobatics National Champion, professional aerial photographer Sam Thurtle and Hai Tran who designed the copter and owns Australia’s largest remote aerial cinematography company.

The developers of the FPV racing quadcopter are appealing for $6000 AUD (£3250) to buy extra printers and up its production line to meet growing demand.

At the moment, the threesome’s equipment can only produce two 3D printed FPV Quad Racers a day, but boosting equipment levels to 5 – 10 3D printers means they can make 10 – 20 quadcopters a day.

The purchase of these extra printers should happen in November, with the first 3D printed rewards being sent out in December and the fully developed FPV racing quadcopter shipping in January 2015.

Pledges start at $5 AUD (£3), but to get a real life reward, you’ll need to stump up at least $40 AUD (£22) to get a non-working model with the option to buy the flight controller, radio control, ESCs, motor, propellers, batteries, charger and FPV gear separately. If you want to support the project with a higher pledge, you can pay $175 AUD (£95) to get the full kit when it’s ready next year.